Acme Atom safety shoes

We are introducing Acme Atom safety shoes. It is made for industrial use and for workers of different field. It can provide protection against Heat, Electrical Shock and Chemical. It is useful for many industrial organisation such as Engineering firm, Iron and metal Industries, Rolling mills and all type of manufacturing companies. Its unique design prevents liquids and dust to enter inside the footwear. It is suitable choice for work floors where such things are falling continuously on the foot. It is tough from outside and comfortable for foot, its internal material doesn’t harm the foot. Further it is made from genuine leather and free from harmful chemicals. They are available with different sizes, light weight, heat resistant, with shock absorbing property and with flexibility. Its insole is molded and padded with soft EVA material which is non- irritating and comfortable.


• Chemical Resistant
• Shock Absorber
• Anti slippery property
• Impact Resistant
• Water Repellent Upper

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