Adhesive Tapes

Self adhesive BOPP Tapes

• Most economical carton closure system
• Higher tensile strength than any other Tape
• Printing of customer’s logo/address, adds, advertising, value at little cost
• Superior acrylic based adhesive
• Scratch proof printing
• Multicolor printing
• Uniform adhension
• Very long shelf life
• Wide range of colors
• Forms a firm bond which cannot be removed without destroying film
• Also used in stationery

Masking Tapes

• Furniture industries and paint industries
• Marking applications
• Protection of mirror or glass edges against spelling
• Masking of auto body components during auto painting (in case of heat chamber drying,a special thermostable Tape should be used)
• Sealing of light weight cartons and small boxes
• Protection to metal, plastic or glass surfaces against scratching
• Covering of sharp edges to afford their safety
• Butt splicing of Paper Tapes and paper sheets

Duct Tapes

• Stops leackage
• Ideally suited for repairing greenhouses andn hotbeds
• Sealing of joints and chinks between pipes, panels and in bodies
• Useful in water and sanitory engineering works Sealing of container to protect goods against moisture
• Book repair
• Makes mirror durable and safe (the tape is applied to the reverse of a mirror prevent its breaking to fragments) Glass fixing
Features :
• Good resistant to moisture humidity
• Ideal for insulation underground pipelines corrosion & abrasion protection
• constructions: idealy suited for joining polythene and many other materials Masking off metal and/or concrete surfaces
• Sealing metal and plastic ducting cladding and unfacing fibre panels
• Splicing and joining in manufacturing processes

PTEE Thread Seal Tapes

• PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of any known solid material and is extremely non-reactive. Therefore it is compatible with a very wide range of materials.
• PTFE Thread Seal Tape made by extrusion of PTFE paste. It is a modern replacement material for all conventional pipe threads. It can effectively alleviate many of your piping headaches, while substansially reducing piping cost and maintenance
• Used in Plumbing, water purifier industry, chemical and gas industry.

Floor Marking Tapes

• Floor marking Tapes are being widely used now a day for safety, identifying lane marking for storage segmentation, Ideal for ISO 9001. QS 900S0 companies, good resistance to chemical and other moving objects
• Better than paints
• Available in various sizes and colors
• Colors available are White,Yellow, Blue. Green, Black, Red. Yellow-Black. Red-White and more.

Double sided Tissue Tapes

• Hotmelt and solvent based Adhesive
• High initial tack, provide persistent performance and excellent wetting(grabbing) Power to various soft and flaxible materials
• Excellent performance of temperature
• Endurance in the condition of hot and cold and/or sudden change of the temperature
• Suitable use for plastic, textile, paper, PVC foam (Sponge) printing finishing, sign making, fabric, card board, nameplate interior decorative and so forth
Used in laminated industries, shoe, leather, stationery, white goods, postal, decoration, labels and a lot more applications

Aluminum Foil Tapes

• Aluminum for (30 mic) Tape with an acrylic based adhesive, flame retardant with excellent temperature performance(+100C)
• A flexible and strong bright aluminum tape for use on most surfaces
• Aggressive permanent adhesive cotting with silicon release paper backing
• Highly suitable for sealing off air conditioning and cool/warm air flow ducting & for sealing joints in ducting providing a flame retardant & vapour proof barrier
• Also ideal for quick repairs to gutters, down pipes, ducting and many other surfaces
• UV resistant and waterproof
• Used for jointing foil faced glass fiber or rockwool insulation panels