Eye safety

Goggles Sunlight

Specification: Poly carbonate, hard coating lenses. Suitable for scooter riding, construction site, engineering works, processing shop. Where sand & dust particles are blowing at high speed, sanding, painting, oil chemicals, agriculture etc.

Sun tech 100


Clear Goggles Punk

One piece polycarbonate molded visor with adjustable arm. Suitable for riding, general purpose, engineering works. Dust protection

Clear Goggles MSA

These clear, flexible safety goggles protect against significant eye impact hazards such as flying debris and splashes. Acetate lenses resist splashes while the pliable frame enhances comfort and fit. Features a wide, comfort-fit adjustable band.
• Chemical resistant acetate lens for maximum protection
• Anti-fog coating for improved visibility
• Indirect venting for comfortable, lasting wear
• Adjustable band for a close-fitting seal

Markets: Chemical, Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, General Industrial, Mining
Applications: Food Processes, Confined Space, Hunting & Shooting, Painting, Sanding & Grinding, Working at Heights

Eye wash unit

Polyethylene tank having 35 litres capacity. It is used for effective spray on face and eyes & around eyes. Suitable for chemical pharmaceutical, & engineering industries
There are basically two styles of eye wash stations to choose from, hard-plumbed and portable, along with different flushing fluids that are used for each type.

• Plumbed eyewash stations use regular tap water from the pipes that are connected to municipal waterlines. They must be flushed on an ANSI mandated weekly schedule in order to flush away any buildup of bacteria that forms from stagnant water or dust that may have accumulated on the equipment.

• The portable style is a self contained eyewash station that comes with sealed cartridges that do not require the use of tap water. The benefit of this type of unit is that the flushing fluid is a sterile solution which offers added protection from contaminants that can be found in tap water. Their shelf life can be as long as 24 months. They have the added feature of being a portable eyewash station that can be conveniently moved from one place to another.

Eye wash Bottle

Made from PVC It is for emergency Eye wash. It requires clean water or medicated chemicals for eye wash. Suitable for Chemical & similar industries.

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