Fire safety

ABC Type Fire Extinguisher

ABC multi-purpose fire extinguishers use a specially fluidized monoammonium phosphate dry chemical to fight against the most common fires that occur in homes and offices.
4 KG ,dry chemical powder store pressure type mono ammonia phosphate

DCP Type Fire Extinguisher 6 KG

Dry chemical fire extinguishers are by far the most common fire extinguishers in the home. They can handle all three types of fires you would find in a kitchen or workshop: combustible solids like wood or paper, combustible liquids like gasoline or grease, and electrical fires. The idea behind a dry chemical fire extinguisher is to blanket the fuel with an inert solid (similar to dirt or sand). A dry chemical extinguisher sprays a very fine powder of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3, baking soda), potassium bicarbonate (KHCO3, nearly identical to baking soda), or monoammonium phosphate ((NH4)H2PO4). These solids coat the fuel and smother the fire.

CO2 Fire Bottle Fire Extinguisher 4.5 KG

CO2 fire extinguishers (carbon dioxide) are the only fire extinguisher recommended for fires involving electrical equipment. CO2 is safe to use on and around electrical equipment, as the gas itself is non-conductive, and once used, there is no sticky foam or messy powder left behind. They are also effective on Class B fires (flammable liquids).
Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are painted bright red with a black panel above the operating instructions. They have a distinctive horn-shaped nozzle at the side on the smaller models with 5kgs and above having a hose and horn.
Extinguishers of 9kgs or higher are available but tend to come mounted onto a wheeled trolley as they will be far too heavy to be carried safely. It is possible to find 45kg twin cylinder wheeled units for offshore or airport use.

Trolley Mounted DCP Fire Extinguisher

50 KG sodium bicarbonate powder with CO2 2 kg cylinder

SS Fire Extinguisher

We are one of the leading traders, exporters and suppliers of a wide assortment of SS Fire Extinguisher. This fire extinguisher is manufactured using high quality raw material as per the set industry standards. Offered fire extinguisher suppresses fire with its chemical reaction and cooling effect within 3-5 seconds. Further, this fire extinguisher is highly appreciated for its excellent extinguishing power. The offered SS Fire Extinguisher is designed as per the patented technology and is available at industry leading price.

Mechanical Foam AFFF Fire Extinguisher 9 Liter

Useful for Class 'A' & Class 'B' fires involving flammable liquids such as Naptha, Paints, Solvents, Tar, Varnish, Benzene Camphor and fats like Grease and Oils, Solids like Resins and Oils, Solids like Resins and Pigments. Foam Extinguishers fire by blanketing (Cutting off atmospheric supply of oxygen to the burning surface) and cooling down the container and the contents.
CAUTION : Not for use on Electrical and Metal fires involving chemicals susceptible to water reaction.

Modular Fire Extinguisher

Modular Automatic Type (Powder type) Supply of Automated modular ABC 10 Kg Powder Type Fire Extinguisher, (MAP-50), Stored Pressure Type,Working Temp:- -30oC to +55oC, Propellent: Dry Nitrogen, applicable on Class A,B,C and electrically started Fire, Temperature rating:57oC/68oC/79oC,weight of extinguisher 16kg approx,
Locations which needs 24hours protection against Fire , UPS Area, Electrical Panel Area,WareHouse Area etc

Fire bell Manual/Electric

The bell remains the most commonly used alarm for fire evacuation systems. Recognising this, Vimpex continue to innovate with their all-aluminium range of fire alarm bells.
Five bells make up the range of 150mm (6 inch) and 200mm (8 inch) internal and external units. Being of aluminium construction, our bells have a very high volume output matched with extremely low power consumption - just 11mA for the 150mm internal.
The specially designed weatherproof bells have an aluminium back box giving either single or double threaded entry for maximum flexibility in installation. This is supplied as a full fixing kit with gasket and screws.

Fire bucket

A fire bucket is a bucket filled with water or sand which is used to prevent or extinguish fires. Typically, fire buckets are painted bright red and have the word fire stencilled on them.

CO2 Gas Cartage Fire Extinguisher

A 12 gram CO2 cartridge, known commercially as a Powerlet, contains 12 grams of CO2 in a liquid/gas equilibrium. The cartridge is made of thick steel with a thin welded cap. When the cap is pierced, the CO2 rapidly expands. Cartridges can be purchased in bulk for around fifty cents each. These cartridges offer a portable, convenient method of pressurizing a pneumatic cannon. Because CO2 operates at extreme pressures, these cartridges must be treated with appropriate caution.